At MAISON MAG, we value transparency and recognise the importance of continuous progress towards sustainability. As a modern fashion brand, we believe it's our social responsibility to embrace a more sustainable path for the future. Every aspect of our garments has been thoughtfully considered to ensure the highest quality and sustainability. We may not be perfect, but we're committed to improving and evolving as we learn and grow. You can trust that we're dedicated to creating fashion that's not only beautiful but also socially and environmentally responsible.



We're committed to sustainability and quality. That's why we source all of our materials from fully certified mills in Italy, minimising shipping distances and ensuring the highest standards of production. Our garments are made from 100% natural cotton, which is both eco-friendly and comfortable to wear. We only use fabrics that meet strict environmental certifications like GOTS and Oeko-Tex Standard 100, ensuring that no harmful substances have been used and the production processes conserve water and energy.



We believe that every detail matters. That's why we carefully select our hardware, including buttons, zippers, labels, and trims, from local producers in Germany. Our buttons are made from mother of pearl, a beautiful and eco-friendly material that carries the GOTS certificate. We're also proud to use 100% natural cotton for our labels, which are produced according to the Oeko-Tex Standard 100. 



We take great pride in the fact that all of our garments are meticulously crafted in Germany. Our commitment to producing high-quality clothing is matched only by our dedication to minimise our footprint and support local businesses. That's why we work with a small manufacturer who believes in 'made in Germany' as much as we do.

Not only does our manufacturer have a reputation for excellence in craftsmanship and an unmatched attention to detail, they also produce in small quantities. This allows us to respond quickly to changing market demands without the risk of overproduction. In turn, it helps us minimise waste and reinforces our commitment to sustainability.



We are keeping our packaging to a minimum while ensuring that your well-crafted garments are protected during shipping. Our packaging materials are sourced from recycled materials made in Europe. If you choose not to keep the packaging, it can be easily recycled. 



We carefully source our fabrics from within Europe and our accessories from Germany, reducing the distance they travel and minimising our carbon footprint. Our garments are proudly produced in Germany, further reducing transportation emissions. We keep our impact on the planet in mind at every step.



We prioritise conscious consumption by carefully selecting fabrics and accessories that align with our values. Each product we use undergoes a rigorous evaluation process to ensure minimal environmental impact. While we are unable to disclose specific certifications at this time, due to restrictions on mentioning certifications solely for final and sold products, we want to emphasise that our commitment to sustainability remains unwavering.

We acknowledge that certification plays a crucial role in validating our commitment. Although our business size currently presents a hurdle in obtaining certifications for our products, we are actively working towards meeting the required criteria. We firmly believe that every step, no matter how small, contributes to a more sustainable future.



We value transparency in our pricing and want you to understand its foundation. Each product undergoes meticulous cost calculations, encompassing fabrics, accessories, production, pattern cutting, prototyping, and shipping. These costs are then multiplied by a market average rate of 2.8, covering our business expenses and research and development efforts.

Every style goes through multiple stages, ensuring it meets our high standards. From sketching to prototypes and fittings, we invest significant time and effort before introducing the product to the world.

Unlike traditional retail models with wholesalers and retailers, our direct-to-consumer approach eliminates intermediaries. As a result, we can offer luxury clothing at a more affordable price compared to traditional designers.